Ordering Template

How to place an offline order

Our mobile apps will be available soon, however in the meantime we need your help by submitting your orders using this excel template. We have tried to make it easy by listing all the common products, however if we have missed something off this list you can add it to the bottom.

Follow the 3 steps below to place your orders.

Download ans SAVE the Excel template from here:

Excel Template:  Elite-Master-Order-Form

PDF Printable Template: Elite-Master-Order-Form

Go to the highlight orange cells and enter your information.

For qty enter the amount your want to order

For pack size, specify if you want bunch, Kilos, Punnets, Box, Each as specified at the top of the spreadsheet in blue

Once you have happy with your order, on the top menu click on Send and then select Email as PDF Attachment

This will open up your email program and attached the order as a PDF.

Send orders to orders@ elitefruit.com.au

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